Paxos y Antipaxos


Ionian Sea Sailing. Arriving Paxos, Porto Gayo.

08/05/2013 11:58:22

Sailing along the north coast from Sicily -due to bad weather down south- made us go across the Messina strait again and stop in Messinas port to spend the 5th of May night there.


The journey across the Ionian sea took us 36 hours. We arrived Porto Gayo -in Paxosisland- late on the afternoon on May 7th.


Along the night from monday to tuesday, and due to big waves -more than 3 meters-, the sailing was harder than we expected.

The arrival to the islands of Paxos and Antipaxos was really exciting, after seven days from Port de Pollenças departure, with an amazing sunset and a clear blue sky. gzEHxhkXPxk


From the distance we´ve seen some of the points of our research on Paxoswest coast. For example the "Seals Cave"; the " Ortholiton", a huge islet in the middle of the island; or the arc " Sto Generalatu".


North coast of Antipaxosisland was amazing during sunset. You can see "Cap Ketrós" and some sandy beaches.

Crossing the strait between Paxos and Antipaxos we find "Porto Spuzzo" with the canal and the same church that the Archiduque drew and another great creek with some sailing boats.


Arriving "Porto Gayo" we find quite interesting the " Zuane" reef and the "Madonna" island wich is marking the entrance to the port with a lighthouse on it -not like " Zuane"-.


As we came in we were astonished with the beautyof the canal that took us right to the port; "San Nicoló" island shore is perfectly preserved.


We assume this is the " Agios Joiannis" church, written on the Archiduksessays.

We keep going along the narrowstrait that takes us to the harbor, surrounded by houses and restaurants with a traditional architecture look.

In the middle of the port and to the left we find the "San Nicoló" island with the " Agios Nikolaos" church surrounded by huge olive trees.

To the right we find the main square, in the center of the port, with lots of shops.

The flora is splendid, superb, remindingto a Croatian island. Just in front of us, not more than 50 meters away, a small lush forest with half-height pine trees, olive tress, bushes and mastics arriving right to the pebble beach.

"Porto Gayo" is marvelous, a small paradise, perfectly preserved and quiet -at least on a tuesday of May 7th!!!-. The first impression is having turned back on time.

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