Levkas / Lefkáda


South coast in Levkada

29/05/2013 9:38:09


Particularly in the southwest, stands Dukatos, Levkatas today. As the Archduke did, it can be seen from the east, from the south and from the west.


The cape closes Dukatos Vassiliki Bay. It is large, deep, with a large stone beach and sandy bottoms. It is one of the less deep places in Levkada Island.

The port is also shallow, with the drawback that the sandy bottom changes from year to year. Entering the port, on the left and on a small hill, we see the church.


On the port are located some restaurant with the tables right on the edge of the sea. The walk is well maintained and full of plantes and flowers.


The coast is quite small, once we left Vassiliki we see the southeastern extreme of Levkada -sometimes mistaken with the Meganissi islands-. Here is a picture to Vassiliki and another to Sivota from the center of the south coast.


Syvota Bay is well protected from the sea because has a tip that fully closes the open sea. The inland winds could be violent as channeled by the surrounding mountains. In Syvota, like elsewhere in the Ionian, we find many charter boats.


The promenade and business are well maintained and attractive. We see many fishing boats moored at the piers of Syvota.


Once we finished the study in Levkada Island, we prepare for a new destination: the Gulf of Corinth. Leaving Syvota bay and just at the front we see Atokos island; and to the right Ithaca and Kefallonia.


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