Excursions by sea in Ithaca: the East side


We started this morning the tour from the port of Vathy and we go first to the bay of Aetos. By leaving the port we stumbled right in front the island of Katsurbo. We took the picture as the Archduke did with Ayos Elijah tip far right of the island.


We continue to the bottom of the bay of Aetos. The mountain of Aetos shown impressive against us. We also see the valley of Alelcomenae, the Aetos Pissos access.


We returned along the coast towards the entrance of the port of Vathy and observe a point that seems the Kalibri tip that the Archduke mentioned, but we have no time to check it for sure. In any case, we are in the area mentioned by the Archduke and see some caves at the top of the hill that could match Korako cave.


When exceeding Vathy entry and heading southeast we see soon Andreas Ayos church and the remains of the lighthouse that drew the Archduke.

Then follows Skinos Bay. We can see also the cape that closes to the east.


We continued south and see some pitfalls before reaching Gydaki. We took a picture of the tip of Gydaki. In the upper part, above the tip, there is a path from which the Archduke drew the tip and Atokos Island.


Shortly after we are in Filiatro and took a picture of the beach from the distance. We came to Cape Skotariá / Sarakiniko and decided to turn around because the south wind does not let us work. So we left the southeast piece for an upcoming entry.


So we go straight to the northeastern part of the island starting from the Cape of Ayos Elias.

We continue north and reached Kioni. At the entrance of the bay we see the three mills that had drawn the Archduke and today are abandoned. We entered the port of Kioni and calls again our attention the considerable conservation of traditional houses in this small town.


A little farther north is Frikes Bay. We see from the distance Frikes while entering the bay. At the port we seek the three mills that drew the Archduke on its southern slope, but it's only one left. There are very few houses in Frikes and only a few bars and restaurants on the same port.


Finally we reached the northern tip of the island, Cape Ayos Yioannis, and returned to Vathy.

In a next post we will continue with the small Southeast part we could not explore, and the west coast of Ithaca.

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