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Day 11: Island of Vulcano: Climbing to the Crater

23/06/2010 0:03:52

Hi there!!

Today again we follow the steps of the Archduk. The titles in capitals should orientate those who wish to search the summaries of the Archduk’s book on the Eolian Islands.


Before climbing to the crater we searched for the Sulfatara. Thanks to the Red Cross of Vulcano, they allow us to enter their premises, climb to the first floor terrace, and we get our objective.

To the other side of the Sulfatara we find the entrance of the cave; the same one that the Archiduk depicted from the interior. The access is nowadays not allowed.

Climbing to the crater is an amazing experience. When arriving at the upper edge it is easy to see all the sulphuric gas emissions with a very strong smell. The yellow color is very intense.

Arriving at the very top the wind has increased considerably. When descending and already in the south side of the crater we find a wonderful view. On one side Vulcanello, Lípari, and far away, Panarea and Stromboli. From here we obtain the perspective of the crater that we were looking for.

On the other side of the crater we find an even larger, and older, volcano now totally covered by vegetation.

During the descent we stop several times to discover in very different ways the view of Vulcanello, Puortu Livanti, Puortu Ponenti, Monte Rossa (Lípari) y, far away, Panarea and Stromboli.


During these last few days we have been wandering around the city of Lípari several times. In the streets of the historical center we have seen the expected varieties of balconies.

Today finally we have identified the old seminar. We had passed in front of it 7 or 8 times without having noticed it. The front part has disappeared and so the battlements (pizzi), which have been substituted by a simple enclosure.

Thanks to Pietro Lo Cascio we were able to find, along the old road to Pianoconte, the arches of casa Rodríguez. ¡The cars pass under these arches!

When returninbg from Vulcano we have disembarked at the port of Sottomonastero. The new perspective that we obtain of the building at this point deserves some explanation, ¿anyone dares?

Finally, the most impactful discovery concerns the house that the Archduk tried to buy in Lípari. Without knowing it finally we realized that our boat is just 100 meters from it. Three years ago the house was converted into a bar restaurant. You can observe the Pizzi(battlements) at the top typical of Lípari. The Archduk constructed a house in Mallorca, sEstaca, following the same pattern. In a few days Pietro will give to us a photography taken before those changes took place.

We have also been able to enjoy the view from the house, the view that impressed so much the Archduk.

Best and hasta pronto!

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