Columbretes Contest and New Book Summaries

12/03/2011 18:11:05

Some days ago the Winners of the graphical contest on the Columbretes Islands, organized by Castellón Town Hall and the Technical Team of Columbretes, were granted their prizes.

The winners are the students of the third course E of Caminàs high school at Castellón. They will have the opportunity to visit the island for one day.


In the Photo Gallery you will be able to see different pieces of art that were produced by different students and groups of students from different Castellón high schools.

During the last few weeks we have activated the summaries of two other books, “Abazzia” and “Venice/Trieste”. During the next few weeks, we expect to activate two further books, “Cannosa” and “Buccari-Porto Rè”.

At the same time we are proceeding with the preparation of the Eolian Islands comparisson report.

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