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Hello from Dubrovnik!!

Yesterday night we had dinner at the historical center of Dudrovnik, ¡how beautiful! The walls are espectacular, the sorrounding área marvelous and the city center and the old port showed to us their treasures.


During the whole day we were at Trsteno. This was one of the destinations that attracted us more. ¿Why the Archduke does a book of this small town instead of doing one for a city like Dubrovnik / Ragusa situated at just 6 km.? Maybe after this summary someone may get a clue …

The first thing that calls for our attention is the área where you can see the two giant plane trees. The trees have around 500 years, ¿can you imagine?


Jaume takes the measures of the largest one: 40 meters high and a circle of around 11 meters. This is the largest tree he has ever measured …


Long time ago there were three of them but Napoleon ordered to cut one of them in order to construct the old road. Part of this old road can still be seen just besides the church.

The church of San Vito is beautiful. Silveriya Scholber, who lives just in front and has a small apartment rental business, takes us to the church and tells us that inside there is a Tiziano.


The church is closed and the menacing look of the priest makes us understand suddenly that Tiziano will have to wait until the Vatican finds a new church for the priest …

From the church the view, just as the Archduke showed, es precios; however the vegetation does not allow us to view exactly the same image.


Before lunch we pass by San Michele, a little church, and from there we search the image of the old port that we are looking for. It is not clear we are in the exact spot; we think that San Michele can also be the hill behind the church … However, we do not climb it this time.


We eat at the Canossa restaurant, which is placed in the same area where the old restaurants, mentioned by the Archduke, were situated. The menú looks like the menú of any italian that you can find anywhere. The son of the owner tells us that fifty years ago, before the construction of the new road, the table were just besides the largest of the plane trees.


We go to the house of the Gozze, which today is of public property and it is known as Arboretum. It is managed by the Academy of Sciences of Croatia and includes a big botanical garden with an area of 70 acres.


The original house was registered as of 1407. It was destroyed by an earthquake in 1667, and then reconstructed as the present house.


It has a beautiful rennaissance garden with a large number of pérgolas, and a marvelous sight on the Kolocepski / Calamotta channel.

Just behind the house we find the small chapel, and to the left hand side of the house, the mil.


Also in the back part of the house we can see the fountain dedicated to Neptune. The original rennasissance fountain was changed for this one in 1736. The colors of the late afternoon with a magical tone to the place.


We find also a wonderful oak tree, and many laurel tres around the fountains.

Just behind the fountain, ¡big surprise!, we can see a large acueduct that brings the water from a spring situated close to the plane trees, through the gardens, and just to the fountain, ¡marvelous!

By the end of the afternoon we go down to the beach. There we can see some small changes in respect to the old port.Finally we manage to arrive to the place where we can admire one of the wonderful views of the port that the Archduke had registered.


Best wishes!!

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