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08/05/2012 18:45:41

Hi there from Monastir!!

We just spent a few days at the port of Monastir. The weather was not good so we took advantge of it and visited several of the points by land. Concretely apart from Monastir we have to add Sousse, El Jem and Mahdia. Today we will just talk about Monastir.

We arrived at Monastir from the north, y we went right away to the south side of the city, the place from where the Archduke drew the image we are looking for. We observe in the first place that part of the walls have been destroyed. It was done arund the 60’s, and it was ordered by the governement of Bourguiba.

On the other hand, we observe that the first line of the beach has been occupied by hotels. Concerning the doors of the walls, the Archduke mentions six. We have only been able to observe four of them. The door, Bab el Derb does not exist anymore, it would be very close to both the actual town hall building, and a tower that today signals the beginning of the remaning walls.


In Monastir it is also beautiful to visit the Ribat, the old Mosque, and the Monument that was built at the death of Bourguiba, who was the first president of Tunisia after the liberation fro France.


In the old town we observe many shops and a lot of human movement. We met Mr. Dawla, who is a strong supporter of Bourguiba, and he tells us several stories about the city.


The Kahlia cave is situated in the same place where we took the image of Monastir from a certain distance, just on the beach. Today it is a restaurant. It has been changed and adapted to fit the new use. Mr. Dawla told us that long time ago only women were allowed inside, and that women were asked in marriage in the place.

That’s all from Monastir. This same afternoon we will be heading towards Jerba, and from there we will let you know about Sousse, El jem and Mahdia.

Best wishes!!

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última en: 16/05/2012 18:18:49

16/05/2012 18:18:49 por Jaume

Hola Juan i companyia,

Esper que el vent vos acompanyi en aquesta nova etapa del projecte.

Quina llastima lo des cubilete des manta trawl. Amem si ho podeu solucionar aviat.

Una abraçada

12/05/2012 por helga

Hola Juan, la última noticia ya es de hace un par de días. Todo bien por los aguas africanas ?

Un beso    Helga

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