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Djerba, the pearl of the mediterranean

15/05/2012 13:30:33

Hi there from Sfax!!

We are still in Safx where we are revising the injectors of the boat engine.

Today we will start describing what we observed at the marvelous island of Djerba, the pearl of the mediterranean.

We arrived one morning and we took the channel that takes us into Houmt-Souk, the largest city of Djerba. The channel has around 4,5 meters of depth but in some zones we were very close to the bottom …

http:// mXeXoH5GQLs

From the port we followed the same way that the Archduke followed to arrive at Houmt-Souk; today it is an avenue with trees to both sides, but they are not anymore olive trees.

In the place were the bone heads pyramid was placed there is now a Parking that belongs to the marina and the open theater that has been constructed besides the Houmt-Souk castle.


The castle has another castle inside the walls that was constructed by the Aragonese. The castle was also the residence of the famous pirate Dragut, of whom we show here a picture.


Very close and getting back to the path that takes us into Houmt-Souk we find the small old building that was a textile job shop.

In the center of the town we can see plenty of shops, but those are not anymore situated according to the different types of job. Today we find all types of shops with different products every where. Here we can see a shop of rugs where we got some explanation about their production and origin.

http:// nZlb6hy6GCc

Concerning the markets, both agriculture and manufatured goods, take place sunday afternoon and mondey morning, and then wednesday afternoon and thursday morning. All types of traditional and modern products can be found there.


We visited also the two mosques that the Archduke mentioned, Sidi Ibrahim and Sidi Morba.


Also and just besides these two mosques, we can see a church, a turkish mosque, and a “Fonduk”, formerly a comercial center with romos, that has been transformed into a hotel.


That’s all concerning our arrival at Djerba and the town of Houmt-Souk. Very soon we expect tol et you know about other towns around the island that the Archduke also mentioned.

Best wishes!!

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