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We were very much entuthiastic to be able to visit Carthage due to its high historical value. In the first place, it is important to recall the people from Carthage who a few centuries before Christ had a long struggle against the romans, in what are known as the punic wars. We can remember for instance the story of Hannibal and its troups through the Alps.


In relation to this last facts, we were able to see the old punic harbour of Carthage. Since Carthage was a naval power part of the harbour was devoted to war ships. Another part was for comercial use.


Most of the remains that we can still observe at Carthage are roman anyway. We had the change to see the old water reservoirs of Carthage, which were already pointed out by the Archduke. The romans designed a whole transportation, accumulation and distribution system of water. The water was transported from over one hundred kilometers away and then the water was stored in the reservoirs at Carthage.


http://youtu.be/ z9C-SWzNOYM

We can stress also de roman theater which has been restored even if some old parts are still conserved. Also it is interesting to visit the termal baths of Antonino.

http://youtu.be/ G0N-xTEFAM0

Carthage is still a center of power. The Presidential palace is situated there. Until not long ago Ben Ali was there, and now is the residence of the new president, Moncef Marzouki.

All over the place it is easy to see plenty of very large mansions, some of them now abandoned belonged to the family of Ben Ali’s wife.

On a little hill it is also possible to see a new and large mosque that was built during Ben Ali’s ruling with the money of the people of Tunisia.

That’s all for now concerning Carthage, soon we will be back with some addtional details and we will develop also La Goulette.

Best regards!

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