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Cisterns of Paxos. (General Part)

16/05/2013 13:04:35

The cisterns have been throughout the history of Paxos an essential component for the habitants of the island: they provided fresh water mainly from rain that was accumulated in these buildings which could be public or private. Fountains are also spread throughout the island.

Public cisterns today are no longer used, since in 2005 desalination plants were set at two points of the island: Kaki Langada and Lakka, supplying water to the rest of the island.

The cisterns of Apostoloi Agioi in Gaios

The tank is kept in a similar state to the time of the Archduke having lost only 5 steps. We can also observe the input channel to the tank water.


Cistern Eleousa Church

Cisterns of the fort of the Aghios Nikolaos island

You will find two types of tanks within this building. One of them belonged to the period of the British protectorate, and the other is similar to other schemes cisterns found in the island built from 1423.

Cistern built by the British and its fountain



Venetian cistern inside the fort.

Cistern Panagia Island

This tank contains a closed dome made especially to protect it.

Cistern Aghii Apostoloi

Other private Tanks.

A wall has been built leaving out the tank.


Many of these tanks were established for an installation of a natural filter which consisted of: an iron fence normally to retain large “detritus” brought by the collecting channel, a second step with beach or river pebbles, and a third step that usually contained a sand deposit. Tanks could be made with one, two or all three mentioned systems.

It is also noticeable that these buildings, apart from the great value they had for the population, they are also buildings that often contain a large architectural attractive.

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