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Not far from Parga to the south, lies the mountain Eleni Ayi and its church. The climb to the top is via a dirt track sometimes cemented sometimes not, which is not in perfect condition but it practicable with a SUV.

The whole mountain is full of olive trees, some of them centenarians, leaving us with beautiful images. Many of them have networks of medium height. The church is at the top and is small as most of the churches in the area.

From the top there is a beautiful view to Parga. We see Valto beach in the background, and the small bays with its islands which are just opposite the city. To the southwest we see the small island with the church of San Spiridion.


Coming down again we can see the south coast of Parga. On the left would be Lichnus beach, but in this picture is covered by vegetation.

After Ayi Eleni we go to a mountain that is totally opposite, north of Parga, and where is the castle of Ali Pascha, who first bought Parga to the British in the early XIX. From there the views to Parga are also wonderful. We see the entry and the inside just like the Archduke showed.


Descending from the mountain on which the castle of Ali Pascha is, and before returning to Parga, we stopped at the Valto beach. In this bay there is a marina with boats, mostly sailboats, some hotels and restaurants. We walk the beach and towards the end we took a picture that shows the Parga Castle Hill.


Finally it is essential to visit the islands that are in the bay of Parga. On one of the hills of the island there is an old castle built by the French with reminiscent of its origin.


From the French castle we can also observe the island with the church of St. Spiridion and Ayos Athanasios hill at the end of the second bay of Parga.


Finally on the other side of the island we find another small church and we picture a new view of Ayos Athanasios. In a following entry will show you Parga from the sea and the coast of Parga to the north and to the south from the city.

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