The coast of Parga

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Arriving Parga from Paxos on our left we see Valto Bay, the Parga castle hill and on the right the small bays of Parga with its islands.


The islands are one of the elements that give a special character to Parga. We can see how they are coming from the west and the south.


Approaching the city we see the area in which begins the first line of houses just by the Castle hill. We also see the first line of houses that corresponds to the old Parga, and right after that is the old main road up to the castle.


Finally, if we turn our view to the right, appears the dock. Today it is much longer and wider but with the same appearance as in the past.

The coast of Parga shows some nice pictures of both northbound and southbound. To the north we can see the monastery which is situated in the northern Valto Bay hill. A bit forward we see the castle of Ali Pascha from the sea.


Next, Ay Sostis with the great pointy rock facing the sky. Right next to it a church was built for the promise of a woman who asked protection for her son in a stormy day. Franko Pidima cliff is unique due to its upper angle.


Going south we first note a small church on the coast which is right next to the cliff on Floru area, also picked by the Archduke in one of his prints.


Next, the island with the church of St. Spyridon we’ve been photographing from many points. And then we arrive to Primio.


Finally entering Lichnus bay, we can see both south and northern shore.


Back in Parga we discover the view to Lithari, also chosen by the Archduke for one of his prints.

We are finishing the scheduled visits to Parga, soon we’ll change destination to Levkada Island.

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