Levkas / Lefkáda


Levkada East Coast.

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Leaving southbound Levkada we must first pass through the lagoon area east of the city. There's a perfectly channel buoys with depths of 5 to 6 meters.

Reaching out Nidri stands Spartia Island. In the picture we can see Spartia left and the entrance to the bay of Nidri on the right.

Right after Spartia, we find the famous island of Skorpios, once owned by Aristotle Onassis. The main creek has some lovely small coves on the west and in the east a dock for mooring large ships. In the southern part of the island we also see other coves and some houses.



Rather than stay in Nidri, we now turn towards Meganisi Island which is south of Skorpios and stuck to the southeast of Levkada, forming a channel with it. We passed Kapsali Bay  in Meganisi, then enter the next small bay to reach the beach of Limni.


We passed by Atherinos Bay and we see a small beach with a restaurant. Finally, we stop for lunch in Loutrolimni.


Meganisi is formed by a long "tongue" of land in its southern part which is quite similar, both its eastern and western part.


In the southwestern part of Meganisi there is the great cave Papadakis entering big tourists ships. Returning to Nidri we can observe the southeast cape of Levkada out.


At Nidri, opposite the entrance of the bay, there is a first port with many boats. The bay is very shallow, with calm waters quite opaque and with lots of boats moored in it.


By chance near us goes a bride who marries in the church located at the entrance of the bay.



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