Descending Torrent de Pareis


On Thursday, July 25th, in the peak of the tourist season and high temperatures rebound, three members of the NIXE III Project went down by the "Torrent de Pareis" to Sa Calobra.

We need to collect all the data before going on vacation in August, and that means to do some of the excursions out of its typical season to do them; this one, for example, is recommendable to do in spring time.

But there they were! between the high temperatures and dry "carrintx" (shrubbery) in the beginning and sourranded by tourists in bathing suit at the end.

Either way, any time of the year "Torrent de Pareis" remains one of the most beautiful landscapes of Mallorca.

Sa Calobra and Torrent de Pareis


Beach full of tourists

End of the journey

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