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Day 18: Panarea

30/06/2010 11:54:24

Hi there!!

When writing these lines we do not know whether we will be able to upload them; he hardly can get connected, and it is difficult to upload images. We have spend two wonderful days in Panarea, and now we are heading towards Strómboli. Once again we are surprised by the kindness and support of the people of the Islands to whom we acknowledge their valuable contributions.

WALKING TOURS: Panarea / Monte Corvo

In Panarea you can find very beautiful restaurants and houses, the quality of construction is very good. The patterns of style that we have encountered in the Eolians is also well respected here. The ambiance is of younger age compared to Salina or Lípari; with some bars with music in ocasions quite loud.

Robi Archetti, who we met in Lípari, introduces us to Bárbara Calabrese. She designs clothes from the very earliest stages. First she produces her own natural colours, she does also the tissues, you will see it in the photographies, and finally she produces the final clothes.

The mother of Barbara, Elsbeth who was born in Zurich, was in charge of the traduction of the general part and the island of Panarea from the original language German into Italian. She tells us about the history of the translation and some interesting anecdotes.

Very close from the marvelous house of Elsbeth we find the view of Basiluzzo that is taken from some rocks in Panarea.

Elsbeth did also a wonderful research on the endemic plants of Panarea. We hope to see her again, and check whether we can upload a little part of it.

Bárbara takes us on the excursion of Mount Corvo. At the beginning we have also wonderful sights of Dattilo and Liscia BIanca; one of the preferred places of Barbara.

The climbing is amazing, and very soon we arrive to one of the points that we were loking for: impressive.

At the top we find some clouds, which by the way, is very welcomes since it was getting really hot.

Already descending we can see the Castieddu. According to the legend, the pirates used to hide in this area, one of them Drahut. (Could this Drahut be the same Dragut that is a central character in Pollensa’s celebrations of the 2nd of August?)

We keep on going down and we find some marvelous sights of Salina.

Already down the hill we stop for a while in a pre-historical site just besides Cala Iunco.

BOAT TOURS: Islets of Panarea

This morning, 29th of June, we have been awaken by the sound of bells and “petardi” (firecrackers); the celebrations of San Pietro …

When leaving San Pietro it is possible to observe, far away, the Islet of Pietra della Nave, which we already saw yestarday when climbing Monte Corvo.

We arrive at Dattilo y we find the Ugghie. Our intuition tells us that they must be fallen down since we only see some smaller rocks instead.

We pass close to Lisca Nera, which has also suffered great erosion. It used to have a hole in one of its rocks and it is not anymore there. Barbara told us that the whole was still visible around 30 years ago.

Just a little bit after we are in front of Bottaro and Lisca Bianca.

Some images of Lisca Bianca reminds us about the hill of Monte Pelato in Lípari.

Basiluzzo is an amazing island. There we find right away the pointed rock that we were looking for.

The rocky patterns of the north of the island are impressive, is one of the more abrupt landscapes that we find found at the Eolian Islands.

At the end of the north coast, and very close to Basiluzzo, we pas by close to Spinazzuola. And here again one image is worth one thousand words …

Tomorrow we will be at Strómboli and, of course, we will climb to the top!

Best wishes!

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última en: 01/07/2010 22:02:39

01/07/2010 22:02:39 por Mágnificas estampas

Upsssssss.... magnificas estampas .., fotos y comentarios ... But ... I hope to see a photo at night with the stars in the sky!



01/07/2010 por GABY


01/07/2010 por Alejandro

Yo creo que tendría que ser algo común, en equipo. Es decir los tres se tendrian que cortar el pelo....

Eso sería bonito ¡¡¡ Lo recordarias toda la vida .... sobretodo beaxX

01/07/2010 por JAIME

Todo muy bonito pero, ¿te has cortado el pelo?

Ya tengo mis vacaciones, voy al Puerto del 29 de julio al 4 de agosto. Espero que ya estéis por aquí.

Un abrazo y a disfrutar!!!

30/06/2010 por Miguel Ángel

Echo de menos comentarios gastronómicos.

Gui: córtate... bueno ¿sabes qué? haz lo que quieras.

¿Te llega para unas rastas?

Un saludo. Ánimo.

30/06/2010 por Alejandro Lozano

Buenas a todos !!! Veo que lo estais pasando increible, nose si os lo pensareis dos veces antes de volver !!!!

Nos vemos pronto ¡¡¡¡

Un Abrazo y un besete a Beaflipada....

PD: Los videos son de gran ayuda para captar las sensaciones de los momentos...jejejjejje

30/06/2010 por Leticia

Lo dicho por Jaime, córtate el pelo!!!!

Pasarlo bien.

Un beso muy grande.

30/06/2010 por JAIME

Todo muy bonito pero, ¿te has cortado el pelo?

Ya tengo mis vacaciones, voy al Puerto del 29 de julio al 4 de agosto. Espero que ya estéis por aquí.

Un abrazo y a disfrutar!!!

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