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Day 26: Alicudi and crossing back to Mallorca

13/07/2010 13:04:03

Hi there!!

Since we left the island of Alicudi as our last target, now it is actually the beginnig of our crossing back to Mallorca. Alicudi is a very small island with a unique volcano, which defines the island.


We start the boat tour fromt the Pirciatu.

Just after we are in front of the Praja Palumma with the little pier of Alicudi.

From the see, it is easy to find the first of the churches, Madonna del Carmine, at around 150 metres of altitude. A little bit further away and at around 400 metres of altitude, the church of San Bartolomeo.

Very close to San Bartolomeo it is easy to find the Castieddu.

Just before Punta Bazzina we can see a beautiful typical eolian house with its battlements (Pizzi).

When turning Punta Bazzina, the coast becomes impressive. We can see right away a big Sciara.

The different shapes of the steep hills have been formed trough different volcanic eras.

We arrive now to Punta Galera, with its small rock in the sea. It forms a vertical wall which acts as a natural separation.

Finally we observe some more sciaras with incredible volcanic ash falls.

CROSSING: Back to Mallorca

When finally leaving Alicudi, we have some spare time for other activities …

The sunset is beautiful, y we have in front of us several days of sailing including long night shifts.

The weather is very good and, by the next morning, we encounter some dolphins playing just besides our bow.

Once in Sardegna we stop a few hours in Villa Simius, just to the east of Cagliari.

We keep on going and when turning Capo Spartivento the sunset, with a calm sea, is marvelous.

The next day offers vey good wind conditions so we can go faster than expected.

When we pass by the south of Mahón, in a new sunrise at the sea, we finally manage to fish again!

We see first the coast of Capdepera. Coast of Mallorca that we have seen so many times but, have we ever observed it with a similar level of detail?

And finally we arrive to the Bay of Pollensa. The usual images come to our eyes but perhaps we have started to watch with a different pair of glasses …

Best wishes!

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última en: 13/07/2010 21:53:25

13/07/2010 21:53:25 por Felicitats!!!

Segur que ja us anyoreu ... Fantastica travesia i fotos ..  I segur que heu vist Pollença amb altres ulls .... Com nosaltres també hem pogut coneixer les eòliques amb altres ulls .... Avui a la EOI de Drassanes, estem a una classe que normalment fan Italià, i estava el mapa d'Itàlia ... I allà estaven totes les eòliques i mentres les veia m'anava recordant de d'alguna de les fotos, videos, i comentaris que heu anant posant ... Han servit de molt per mi .. Jo no sabia que existien ... I ara I discovered. gracies a vosaltres!!! Fastastiques fotos ..., amb altres ulls!!!

Una abraçada i fins sempre!


PD: Vau poder gaudir de la final o les celebracions d'ahir? Bueno, sino ho vau fer , vau gaudir d'unes envejable posta de sol ..., ....

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