Day 2: From the Isla del Aire (south of Mahón) and to Cala Coves

02/08/2010 12:33:48

Hi there!!

We cannot start the tour from Mahón because we have a rather strong northeast wind. We will leave this first piece of Menorca for another occasion. The south coast instead is vary calm and the advantage of the north winds is that the atmosphere is extremely clear.

BOAT TOURS: From isla del Aire to Cala Coves

Thus, we start from the Isla del Aire. This is a quite flat island where the lighthouse stands clearly in the middle.

Just after the island you can find dangerous shallow waters, el Caragol. As we take a photography of the island and el Caragol we see also the figure of a wonderful sailing boat, an ocre / orange wally, which can be often seen in the waters of Minorca.

We run now into Cala Binibeca. In the entry of the creek we can see a group of three large rocks; the little cape is referred by the Archduke as cabo Butifarra.

In Cala Just we find a set of houses that was built during the 70’s, and that try to replicate a little fisher’s village. Many of these little houses are appartments that are run by the Binibeca Club hotel.

We arrive now to Bini sa fuá (Cala Binisafúller) where we see some boats in the middle of the creek, and arranged following the line of the coast.

In this zone we can see a group of islets and also, as we aprroach the shore gruops of rocks with an intense reddish colour.

Just after Cap den Font we arrive to Cala Biniparraix. About this creek we can stress the form of horn. It seems that we never will get to the end of it …

We arrive now to Cala Binidali. There are some old constructions just besides of the beach.

The coast is becoming now higher. We find a very little entrance in the coast with a wonderful cave, and just besides what probably was an even larger cave with its dome almost completely collapsed.

Just besides we can find a group of five caves. The colours inside the caves are astonishing.

We pass now by Cala Canutells where the north wind flows with violence from the ravine behind the creek.

Very close, just exiting Cala Canutells, there is another partially collapsed cave. This one also of an impressive altitude and two holes in its dome.

Just besides another spectacular cave, with a very high rectangular entrance, and with a huge “estalactita” hanging from the top, which can be perfectly seen from the outside.

Inside the rocks that form the walls are impressive. We doubt whether this cave, perhpas the next one, is the one that the Archduke refers as Sant Josep … Some local people indicate that they do not know any cave by this name.

Just half a mile away we find another cave that has incredible colours inside; a mix of reds, greens and black. It seems like a huge natural shrine.

Time to finish … We will follow another day from Cala Coves.

Best wishes!

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02/08/2010 13:41:25 por Juan

Hola Pepe!!!

Como habrás visto estamos subiendo una parte de la costa sur de Menorca ... Aunque creo que lo acabaremos después de comer ...¡Es espectacular y hay tantas cosas! El poder verlo todo con detalle es una experiencia fabulosa.En estos momentos ya estamos de nuevo en Mallorca, y en cuanto sepa cuando hacemos la costa norte de Menorca te aviso. Esperamos que puedas venir con nosotros en ese momento.

Un fuerte abrazo,


02/08/2010 por Pepe Sastre


Espero que estéis disfrutando de esta vuelta por Menorca y que el tiempo sea lo mejor posible. Si necesitáis de cualquier cosa me podéis llamar al móvil que habrá quedado registrado en tu tel.

Un abrazo

JL Sastre

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