Day 1: La Foradada (Mallorca) and crossing to Columbretes

15/08/2010 20:30:50

Hi there!!

For those of you who are at Twitter, you will be able to follow us also at ‘NixeIII’.

As you know, for this first day, our objective is to throw a laurel crown in the sea just besides the Foradada (North Coast of Mallorca).

Actually we have taken with us three laurel crowns. A first one will stay in the waters of La Foradada.

The other two crowns will be waiting for us to get to the other two main houses that the Archduke owned in the Mediterranean. One was situated just besides Trieste (Adriatic Sea) and the other one in Ramleh, besides Alexandria (Egypt).We hope to take them to these places in the next few years.

We have departed very soon from Puerto Pollensa direction La Foradada, which is situated just after Puerto de Sóller, just in front of some of the houses that the Archduke owned in Mallorca.

Once at Puerto de Sóller, we take Miguel Angel Frau, camera and independent producer, who will be with us during this whole visit to the Columbretes.

We arrive to the zone of La Foradada late afternoon, around seven, with enough time before the sunset.

We anchor our boat in between la Foradada and the coast, just under some of the houses that the Archduke owned.

The time to throw the crown has arrived. Hommage to an illustrated man, lover of the Mediterranean Sea, the nature and the history of humankind. A sign of wisdom according to ancient greeks, which will be now under the sea at La Foradada.

It is now around ten p.m. We sail again towards the Columbretes Islands. We have, in front of us, a long navigation night.

Miguel Angel offers himself for the night shifts. ¡We have a real sailor aboard!

Best wishes!

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