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“...There are also vicious and mistaken attitudes: indifference is the first of these. The attitude of those who ‘get tired of reading poorly printed books and visiting museums, and who pass by nature with indifference’ is completely mistaken.
Aesthetic insensitivity, the fruit of an emotionless heart or a lack of education, is the second such defect. ‘He who is insensitive to the beauty of nature either has a heart that cannot feel emotion or is the victim of poor education, either in his early childhood or through a later degradation.’
Externalised and empty activism is also mistaken. ‘Many people believe that, in order to prove that they are active, they must always visibly show it, even if merely by smoking a cigarette. Many believe that they must always be working or carrying out some other activity. Orientals understand much better what it means to dream.’”
Trias Mercant, S., L’Arxiduc Lluís Salvador, una història de vida, Cort, 1994.

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