Archduk :: :: We are all crazy

“One winter day, the Archduke was coming up towards Miramar from S’Estaca in the company of a man who worked on the estate. It was pouring down rain. The Archduke was riding his white horse, and the other man was riding a nag – like a new version of Don Quixote and Sancho, they moved along, emotionless, under the rain. The normal thing would have been to stop and look for shelter, or to turn back. Night fell, and the poor man decided to share his thoughts with His Highness. After the man said, in so many words, that what they were doing was crazy, the Archduke replied, quite naturally: ‘In my family, we are all crazy. I’m the least crazy of the bunch.’”
Sabater, G., Mallorca en la vida del Archiduque, Associació amics de l’arxiduc, 1995.

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