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“Today, scholars disagree as to whether the Mediterranean can be said to have a single culture.
Some believe that Rome established Mediterranean cultural unity by integrating the two basic life models of our sea: the agrarian model of Ancient Egypt, on the one hand, which enhanced the unity of the land, and the maritime model, on the other hand, which, driven by the impulse to expand, imposed the idea of urban development.
Others believe that the primitive matriarchal Mediterranean culture, which was agrarian, animist and polytheistic, was replaced by the patriarchal culture of the Indo-European nomads, who were monotheistic and more rational. This patriarchal monotheism divided the Mediterranean into two areas of influence – the Judeo-Christian north and the Islamic south, which have often been in conflict, although their common customs have also been revealed during certain periods.”
Trias Mercant, S., L’Arxiduc Lluís Salvador, una història de vida, Cort, 1994.

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