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“In his biography of the Empress, Corti describes Archduke Ludwig Salvator as follows: ‘[He was] an original bachelor who lived in the Balearic Islands. He wrote very erudite and entertaining books about his adoptive country, and he always sent them to Elizabeth, whom the eccentric Archduke held in very high esteem and consideration. The Archduke and the Empress were two exceptional creatures, so they understood each other. Everyone in the family would smile when they heard the name Ludwig Salvator. He never married, and he led something of an unrestrained life. He never worried about external appearances, or about what people said. Sometimes he would wear a robe of vulgar cloth, like a friar, and he owned just one military uniform. Whenever he came to court, he caused a real ruckus. His yacht was a miniature Communist state, governed by a perfect equality of rights: he lived together with his men, sharing both accommodations and meals. While on board, he dressed and worked like all the rest, performing even the most humble tasks. Yet he was also a man of great culture, with extensive scientific knowledge. He would always put both his person and his fortune at the service of science and the fine arts...’”
March Cencillo, J., El Archiduque, Biografía ilustrada de un príncipe nómada, La Foradada, 1991.

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