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Ayios Andonis near Loutaki (Loutraki)

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Lo que dice el Arxiduc:

“The last building in the small group of houses near the baths […] is the small, square and old little Ayios Andonis Church. […] Behind [the stream] we find a very pretty house built by the Austrian Lloyd shipping company when it still maintained the route from the Corinthian Gulf towards Kalamaki. A Greek agency bought the house and now uses it when the mail steamship can’t anchor in Neo-Korinth ( Nea Corinth or “New Corinth”) due to bad weather. […] Behind the house, which still bears the initials A.L. (Austrian Lloyd) is a spring next to some rose daphnes.”

“On the beach near the fountain is a lambie, where they prepare the resin. Once the resin is melted, it’s placed within wood molds. There’s a lot of activity along all of Loutraki’s beach. It’s a pleasure to watch the fishermen when they near the shore on their picturesque and small, 14-oar boats, and the tanned boys, seemingly made of bronze, stretching out the drag nets on the beach. They’re normally companies of fishermen, commandeered by a loud boss with a powerful voice. They are from all of Greece. Some don red Greek hats or half-Turkish ones, with pretty clothes. They get along marvelously. In no other place have I seen so much peace and harmony than among these companies of fishermen or, I could possibly call, families of fishermen.”

[ Loutraki = the best place in the entire Corinthian Gulf in which to anchor, p. 147; it was also known as Thermae due to its hot thermal spring.]

Datos proyecto Nixe III:

We didn’t have the opportunity to go to Ayios Andonis but we did visit Loutraki. Today, it’s a large tourist resort, dedicated primarily to local tourism. We can see large shops and commercial areas typical of mass tourism areas.


The beach is made of pebbles, and we can see the strength of the thermal wind in the photo. It’s not a good spot to anchor under those conditions, but we understand that with winds from the northeast, the “Meltemi” winds, it is fairly well protected, especially if we take into account the surrounding mountains in the back. Ayios Andonis is found there.





Comparisson reports are under license of: Licencia Creative Commons

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