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Roofs and windows

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Lo que dice el Arxiduc:

“The roofs are covered in Spanish tiles. The roofs don’t overhang much and often rest on panels supported by back joists, some of which are reinforced and decorated. Normally, only the last row of tiles overhangs the wall.

On larger homes, the points of the wooden tiles are fastened outwardly. Some houses have panels with a type of console where they place potted plants called lulodofiki. Many houses have consoles with holes in them near windows to hang curtains as they tend to do in Venice.

On top of some windows are openings lined with Spanish tiles where pigeons make their nests. Some homes have an upper balcony with a rail made of wood with thin toggen[¿?] as we see in Corfu and Alexandria. Some of the older homes have arched windows and built-in doors. Sometimes they have a high window with a carena arch. On limited cases there is a window opening with a wooden grate in accordance with rural tradition. There is an opening in this grate to easily see out.

Muslims tend to have windows with normally lattice work covering up to half of the window, at times convex downwards in keeping with Sicilian traditions. Oftentimes, next to the houses in the side corrals we see a rounded wall oven. At times you also see enormous fig, orange and other fruit trees, including prickly pears rising up between houses. “

Datos proyecto Nixe III:

We can also see the typical windows in one of the houses on Parga’s main street which leads from the port to the citadel hill.



We can see this type of window in other houses as well as, in some cases, the corbels which called the Archduke’s attention due to their size.  


Comparisson reports are under license of: Licencia Creative Commons

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