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Ferrera II

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Lo que dice el Arxiduc:

“Towards the south, La Ferrera comes to a narrow point that reaches out to a skerry known as El Valdés. Following the shoreline of La Ferrera, from the crevice mentioned earlier, you reach some grey cliffs speckled with black fragments and crowned, in some areas, by Daucus bocconi. On this part of the shore, there is a blowhole that shoots water noisily up into the air when the sea is rough.

The main hill of La Ferrera leans gently toward a cape on the northeastern side, from which it is separated by a deep crevice. There is an abrupt, craggy, blackish hollow between the two hills; beyond that, we find the cliff of the smaller hill, which, like a descending cape, extends into the sea, finally forming a few small, loose skerries.”

Urios, G., Nachtwey, J., Translation, Columbretes, 1895, Castellón City Council, 1990.

Datos proyecto Nixe III:

When approaching along the southern coast of Ferrera, the first place that stands out is Navarrete.

Finding shelter on Ferrera is not easy. If needed, Foradada is much more recommended.



Comparisson reports are under license of: Licencia Creative Commons

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