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Lo que dice el Arxiduc:

“Men generally only have moustaches, though some also wear a beard. They don’t have a typical costume but, rather, wear normal European clothes with modern wool hats. Only a few older people still wear the blue traditional knickers and hanging red hats according to the tradition amongst Levantine Greeks. Women wear simple braids but still keep a part of the traditional garb, especially the headscarf around the head held by a pin, letting it drop to the sides or simply back. The latter is extremely graceful. These headscarves tend to be yellowish, some a golden yellow. Their jackets and skirts tend to be modern in style.

Only some of the oldest women still keep the old traditional clothing. They store the dresses in their homes but no longer wear them. These clothes look like that worn by women in Parga on the Albanian coast. The entire outfit consists of a black jacket with fine golden embroidery on the front, the sleeves, the elbows and along the main seams in front and those above the shoulders. The jacket is open up front, revealing a short red jacket below closed by a few buttons. A soft scarf covers their neck and breast. The smooth silk skirt has a lot of pleats and tends to be deep-red in colour. The dark yellow scarf is worn like today.”

Datos proyecto Nixe III:

As we’ve seen in other places along the Mediterranean and just as the Archduke predicted in his book about the clothes worn along the Adriatic coast, people on Paxos dress just as in the rest of the Western world. Not even older people dress significantly different in this respect.


Comparisson reports are under license of: Licencia Creative Commons

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