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Lessaniti and Musmuli

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Lo que dice el Arxiduc:

“The road continues to Katsimatika, while we climb up a narrow path made of steps near the Lessaniti Milos hill. From the wind mill with its broad and round base to where a staircase climbs up, there is a precious view over the bay, Gaios, the port’s two island’s, Murto with its white lighthouse, and the peninsula’s coast, which is very pretty especially when the peaks are covered in snow. It is one of the best spots from which to take in everything from Agios Karalambos to Sgumbu Ta Kalivia, the open sea, Antpaxos which swims nearby in the sea, and the basins covered in olive trees. This is especially the case in the mornings when the coast shines or in the afternoon when the sun burns next to the sea. It is wonderful to sit there and look down from the now roof-less tower, with windows as broad as barbicans.

The path runs strait to some tremendous cliffs, with an extremely rare savagery dominating the sea, especially when the waves break and from Sterna Point towards Fanariotatika. The path continues along a slope covered in grapevines, though the majority have been abandoned and left to their own. Occasionally we come to small houses in ruins. There are also some olive trees that have been mistreated by the strong winds from the west. Behind Chiros Point there is a ravine of the same name. It runs along the beach point and a bare and rocky slope. Under the Lessaniti mill some isolated fig trees grow.

Behind Lessaniti is Musmulj. It’s the tallest side hill with beautiful views. You descend from Lessaniti Milos towards Tranakatika with beautiful orange and lemon trees in a place with bracken ferns [= Pteridium aquilinum].”

Datos proyecto Nixe III:

We head to Katsimatika by car and, from there, go on foot along numerous small paths until reaching Trepitós. Before reaching the latter, however, we took a few shots of Paxos’ southern coast heading towards Antipaxos.




Trepitós seen from above is impressive. The sense of its height is even greater. From the sea it doesn’t seem as tall. Also impressive is hearing the sea in “stereo”, coming from both sides of the rock.




On the walk back we stopped at the Lessaniti mill from which, in effect, there is a very pretty view of both Porto Gaios as well as Antipaxos.







Comparisson reports are under license of: Licencia Creative Commons

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