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Antipaxos (II)

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Lo que dice el Arxiduc:

Especially wild is the view from the heights of Myrtilla to the white rock outcroppings and, especially towards small Rodovani Island. A path towards the porticchio of the same name can be perfectly seen.”

The view from above of the serious Kap Kethros cliffs with their giant rocks, green cornices and mud slopes in the middle, is also pretty. It’s fascinating to sit here and look from above at the gulls flying in the distance. The view of the coast is exciting, with the points, the peninsula in the background, nearby Paxos, the southern channel and Murto Point.”

The walls form a small natural arch above Salto. The layers of Kethros are very grooved, as if made by a soft paste with very strong ones below. The point is three-pronged, then come the tall vertical walls, with horizontal layers though sometimes scored with underwater reefs that stick out. The walls are especially tall in a place where water drips down. That’s why the rocks have turned black. We see some small caves where the plates separate and marmara [ Marmara = a Turkish island where white marble was quarried; the Archduke probably refers to white marble]. All this place is called Sto Gremo Stu Rumanu.”

Impressive is the table of rocks situated in the daskalja jetty where the porticchio is. A small boat can seek refuge here when the sea isn’t choppy. How pleasant to sit here and be able to observe the gulls with their nests in the green heights. Climbing up from the porticchio, where the rock plates serve as natural steps, you reach an old, now roof-less house covered in weeds with an oven on the side and a fig tree growing out of the cracks in the walls. The house’s walls are stuck into the hill.”

[The Archduke also talks about the remains of a Turkish war boat which sunk there.]

Datos proyecto Nixe III:

Unfortunately, we were unable to carry out this second excursion on Antipaxos and don’t have the corresponding data.


Comparisson reports are under license of: Licencia Creative Commons

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