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Lo que dice el Arxiduc:

The Corinthian Gulf was already important in ancient times. It was the shortest trip by sea to Athens, passing by Brindisi (= BRUNDUSIUM), the Albanian coast and the waters around the Ionian Islands.

Building a canal through the isthmus was an idea dating back to the days of Emperor Nero.

When the Archduke wrote his book, the canal still had not been built. Its construction would avoid the dangerous trip along the southern coast of Morea, especially in winter, shortening the trip considerably.

Datos proyecto Nixe III:

Once in Corinth, we visited the canal connecting the Gulf of Corinth with the Aegean Sea. It is a must see today for the tourists visiting the area.


We had the impression when we were sailing along the Gulf as well as the canal that there isn’t much sea traffic in the area today. Consequently, we deduce that the canal is no longer as important as during the Archduke’s days.


We also noticed that the majority of tourists in the Gulf of Corinth are local, with a large number of tourists from Athens in areas such as Delphos. The majority travel by bus. Just as the Archduke mentioned, the area is full of history and beautiful landscapes, making it well worth the visit.



Comparisson reports are under license of: Licencia Creative Commons

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