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Sailing along the gulf

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Lo que dice el Arxiduc:

“The best season of the year to visit the gulf is between April 1st and mid June because you do not have to face the cold of winter; nor do you have to worry about malaria and the vuria wind, both of which come later in the year. During this time and also in the peak winter months, there can be no other more appropriate place to sail by yacht. The sea is like a lake, full of the best ports that are easy to reach and full of historic reminiscences and beautiful landscapes. This is also the best time to visit the gulf in detail by boat because the inns are bad and dirty (if one does not have the possibility of staying in acquaintance’s houses), and the ships carrying mail only go to Lepanto (Naupactus), Vostitsa, Galaxidi, Salona and Corinth. They offer steam boat passengers a phantasmagorical image of the gulf’s beauty. Those that do not have their own boat should rent a small yacht in Corfu where there are always some available.”

[There are very good places in which to anchor, especially in Dobrena Bay, with a 2-mile width and numerous small side bays.]

[Vuria = winds from the northeast which can blow quite heavily as is the norm in Greece especially in mid July and mid August.]

Datos proyecto Nixe III:

Taking a sailboat along the Gulf of Corinth is complicated. It is certainly generally easier to enter towards Corinth than sail out towards Patras due to the thermal winds. The predominant one is from the west and is fairly strong, making it difficult to sail, at least when we visited the gulf at the end of May.




In terms of the “Vurià” wind, today called “Meltemi”, it still hadn’t begun to blow when we sailed along the gulf. We imagine sailing conditions change greatly when that wind sets in, though the areas of Loutraki, Ghermano and Corinto are much less exposed at the time.


The Archduke’s comment about how uncomfortable travelling by steamship is seems curious to us. According to the Archduke, visitors couldn’t stop at many of the pretty spots along the coast. Today, in the areas dedicated to tourism, there are boats taking tourists from one spot to another, letting them see more areas, though we’re not sure if they’re the most interesting places or if they have enough time to completely enjoy them. We develop this point in greater depth in our report on the island of Zakhyntos.



Comparisson reports are under license of: Licencia Creative Commons

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