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From the Cave of Hercules to Ayos Lukas

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Lo que dice el Arxiduc:

“At the foot of the marathia [= mountain] is a small group of houses, Zakorjetika Kalivia, where workers tend to live. A bit further on is Hieraklea Spila (the Cave of Hercules), an artificial cave with conglomerate benches inside but which was partially destroyed during the earthquake. It has two alcoves which pastors and workers use as refuge. On the damp dome you can still see pieces of the old mortar though with round adornments made of branches where the swallows now make their nests. The cave also has a side apse with a hole to provide light above and another space with an opening like a balcony and two small windows. This was the site of a famous oracle.”

“Taking a trip to see the Ayia Triada monastery which overlooks the area is worth the trip. The path there climbs up along the Kjeranj slope amongst the typical shrubs of this area, then Chaste trees [= Vitex agnus-castus or “Monk’s Pepper]. Old Downy oaks ( Quercus pubescens) grow on the flat part, offering their shade. These trees are used for their bark in tanning.”

“We can see the Ayonis Andonis Church there and some small houses where nuns live. In the old and new convent there are a total of 15 nuns, almost all of them old and weak.”

“From the flat heights of the convent [= Ayio Momi], we can see two mountains, Pelrik and Kalmos, behind, covered in snow. A steep crest soon arises with Ayios Lukas Monastery on top. It is an old, impressive and picturesque building with a wooden annex and a small church on the side. In the background is the marvelous gulf. In front are conglomerate rocks. The monastery was built atop some as was a pergola for vines. A door with a rounded arch leads through a domed passageway to a small farm. It is fairly narrow in shape, surrounded by a portico with the stables below […] The monastery has neither fountain nor well, so a boy from the monastery with long curls has to bring fresh water half of the way with a small and old burro. Six monks now live in the monastery.”

Datos proyecto Nixe III:

We didn’t have the opportunity to carry out this part of the excursion.


Comparisson reports are under license of: Licencia Creative Commons

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