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Lo que dice el Arxiduc:

“Few dedicate themselves to fishing here as it is not very productive. The fish consumed tends to come from Phanari Bay. In winter, boats from Parga tend to go to Santa Maura, taking salted anchovies and fish captured near Phanari and the nearby sandy coasts.

Only a few fishermen go out every day on their boats to fish along the rocky cape or out in the broad sea. There are two old men who go out every day; they’re brothers. One day, one went out alone in his boat, but the wind took him all the way to Paxos. Since then the two go out together. I saw them often when they returned with their meagre catch, pushed along by the afternoon breeze.

At times, fishermen use lines or loud dynamite [¿?]. During the summer, boats from Paxos and Corfu come to fish here. Two men from Corfu also stay here in summer and fish for Salema porgies with traps. The larger ships do not fish for either sponges or coral. Only Greek boats from Hydra, Spezia and Psara come here every year to fish sponges all along the coast.”

Datos proyecto Nixe III:

Though there are various fishing boats, there aren’t very many, and they’re only used to fish for local consumption. Different types of nets are used for fishing, while the use of fishing lines is only anecdotal now. 


Comparisson reports are under license of: Licencia Creative Commons

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