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Strolling through the city

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Lo que dice el Arxiduc:

Pargas main street



Parga beach



Beasts of burden on the beach





“It doesn’t matter from where you look out; the islands that form the natural dock in Pargaport seem equally pretty. From the homes in the marina that overlook the small dock used to unload, there is a clear view forward. To the left is PanayaIsland and to the right, Castro Island. The small boats sleep easily under its protection on calm days. However, when the stormy sea enters the bay, and the boats’ bows dip further underwater with each wave, they have to seek refuge elsewhere.”





“How sad it must seem to old Pargaresidents travellingalong the coast of their country upon seeing Djami’sminaret standing out on the top of their old city. The bell towers of their old churches are in ruins, the majority converted into piles of rubble, while atop free Parga, that they defended for centuries with heart and soul, is the crescent moon.”

Datos proyecto Nixe III:

There are few wide streets in the old quarter. The widest one corresponds to what was once the Trafos riverbed.




The old main street, which the Archduke mentioned, runs parallel to the coast and climbs up the hill to citadel. Today it is full of tourist shops and businesses. We found the spot from where the Archduke took a photo of the church. However, the minaret seen before on the top of the hill is no longer there. We also noticed the typical windows on one of the houses on that street.




Along the coast a boardwalk has been built on top of the old beach, at least in front of the old quarter of the city where the dock is. From there we head south and can see the end of the boardwalk. We notice that the house that used to be at the end has disappeared.






From the area around the dock we can see the islets just as the Archduke portrayed them in his photo. We can also see the citadel and all of Parga’s boardwalk.




Comparisson reports are under license of: Licencia Creative Commons

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