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Comparisson Report Lipari / Eolian islands

17/04/2011 19:31:59

Some days ago we could finally upload the last part of the Comparisson Report of the Eolian islands. (Just go to Comparisson Reports > Show more; or simply use the provided link ). Up to now we have completed the whole process for two destinations: Columbretes and Eolian islands. By doing so it is already posible to figure out the reach of the NIXE III Project. The size and the conclusions obtained from the study of the Eolian islands shows this potential. We have just 28 further destinations in front of us ...

Besides, if you go to Book Summaries, you will see that we have new points in the Adriatic sea, we have 6 additional destinations for this year. During the next few weeks, and before starting the new season, we will have uploaded all the summaries of the Archduke’s works corresponding to this zone of the Mediterranean sea. Plus we expect to complete another key destination, Minorca, which we started the last season.

We will keep you updated once we know the planned dates for the trips of this year.

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