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Lighthouse terrace

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Lo que dice el Arxiduc:

“In front of the lighthouse—that is, between the lighthouse and the weather station—there is a terrace that collects rainwater, which is then diverted to a cistern. On either side of the terrace, there are little lodge-like houses. The one on the right is where hunters lie in wait, and the one on the left serves as a lightning rod (it contains a well filled with charcoal).

The terrace offers a good view of all of the islands, as well as sickle-shaped Tofiño Harbour and the triangulation station in the foreground.

The isolation brings a certain solemnity to the sunset. It has a special meaning for the lighthouse keepers, since it marks the beginning of the night shift.”

Urios, G., Nachtwey, J., Translation, Columbretes, 1895, Castellón City Council, 1990.

Datos proyecto Nixe III:

The lighthouse terrace has also been reformed along with the underground cistern and the small houses the Archduke referred to.

The view from the lighthouse is, in effect, impressive, with the imposing Mascarat standing out.

Towards the centre of the island, on the lowest part, we can see how the line of vegetation disappears due to the effects of the sea and, in the distance, we can see the rest of the islands.




Comparisson reports are under license of: Licencia Creative Commons

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