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Falco Eleonorae

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After reading the Archduke’s book, we were left only with the desperate cries of protest from these birds as the Archduke neared one of their nesting areas, concretely on Foradada. In fact, we didn’t even mention them in the summary we made at the time. After our stay on Columbretes, however, they seem to be some of the most amazing birds on the archipelago.

Eleonora’s falcons nest as of August and they migrate to Madagascar as indicated by Patricia González and Vicent Castanyer from the Nature Reserve. There they meet up with other falcons migrating from the Balearic and Aeolian Islands. These birds are frequent on the Island of Panarea as Bárbara Calabrese showed us then.

It should be noted that the Archduke confused these falcons with peregrine falcons. According to the Nature Reserve staff, there are up to 60 couples nesting on the islet cliffs, including on Carallot.

For those interested in exploring this topic further, we recommend the magnificent comparative document prepared by the Nature Reserve staff:

“COLUMBRETES 2010. Una revisión de la situación actual de la fauna y flora citada por Salvator en 1894”.

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Comparisson reports are under license of: Licencia Creative Commons

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