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Home interiors

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Lo que dice el Arxiduc:

“The houses represent a mix of Venetian and Turkish buildings. In ground floor rooms, the floor consists of packed earth. In many cases you can see the ceiling beams […]. The ceilings are normally painted with oil paints in different colours. Some have a type of dome in the middle on upper floors. The windows tend to feature simple columns and can be closed from the inside. There are normally panels on top forming a type of roof. Home interiors are similar to nearby Greek places depending on the owners’ means.

Chimneys are similar to those used in Venice. Some houses in the city have a chimney with an opening on either side and a wall on top with a type of hull above and in the middle. Some chimneys are arched above with an opening on two sides and a clay tube in the middle to improve air pull.

There are also square chimneys with two lateral openings above and a pointed hull above. There are also pyramid-shaped hulls with a pan hung above as decoration.

In some homes, the domes have a window as decoration. The bricks are not made here; they come from elsewhere: Corfu, Zante and Pireo. Plakkas with a French system come from Paxos; they’re used for the floors in room interiors.”

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Comparisson reports are under license of: Licencia Creative Commons

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