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Lo que dice el Arxiduc:

“From few points can your eyes wander as much as from Paleoparga. As soon as you abandon the green fields of the valley, you look surprised below with an impressive view over the tops, slopes with olive trees, low-lying lands and faraway islands. In this images, we see Ayacastle in the middle, under which are some houses from Rapeza. In the back to the left is the northern point of Antipaxos, with Paxosin the middle and, to the right, the southern point of Corfu.”

“Below is ValtoValley and the slopes covered in olive trees; to the right is the peak on which we find Panaya VlacherenaMonastery. In the middle is the city, further away is Ayos NikolaosSea, later the inlet towards Aya Joannis, the cliffs near Phanariand, like a theatrewing, the coast towards the south.”

“There are places that one neither expects nor imagines. This is the case with Bostania spring. It seems like an unexpected gift; only the murmuring water reveals its presence. It happily spills along full of foam until emptying into the sea in Valto beach. There’s a story which tells the tale of a river that disappears in the mountains and reappears here.”

“Up above everything else, Ayacastle stands out, and, above the cliffs we see the houses of Rapezato the left. To the right is a mill, half-hidden by the shade of nearby trees.”

Datos proyecto Nixe III:

We were unable to visit the Paleoparga area which is in the distance climbing up the mountains marking the end of Parga’s landscape to the east.


By contrast, we were able to climb up to the Ayi Eleni Church. Not very far from Parga to the south is the Ayi Eleni mountain and church. The climb to the summit is by means of a dirt path which is at times paved with cement. Though not in great condition, it is passable.


The entire mountain is covered in olive trees, some of them hundreds of years old and making for beautiful photos. Many of them have nets hanging at mid height. The church is found at the top and is small, like the majority of churches in the area.


There is a beautiful view of Parga from the top. We can see Valto beach in the background and the small bays with their islets in front of the city. Towards the southwest we can see the small island where the Saint Spyridon Church can be found.




As we climb down, we can see the coast to the south of Parga. On the left is Lichnus beach, though blocked from view in the photo due to vegetation.



After Ayi Eleni, we head to a mountain on the opposite side, to the north of Parga and where Alí Pascha’s fortress can be found. Alí Pascha bought Parga from the British at the beginning of the 19th century. From the site of the old fortress, there are marvelous views of Parga as well. We can see the entryway, just as the Archduke portrayed it, as well as its interior.






Comparisson reports are under license of: Licencia Creative Commons

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