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Excursions by sea (1)

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Lo que dice el Arxiduc:

Valto beach

“Wild with the slope of its cliffs and even wilder still with the impetuous strength of the sea, breaking towards the cliffs on stormy days. And, standing out like an enormous mile marker from the sea is Ay Sostis. The breath of legends also enlivens its crags. Within the deep shade of its ravine is an isolated chapel in which water drips down from above like a sacred gift, reminding us as well of the persecutions of the past. On calm days, sailors devoutly pass by this curious and high cliff and greet the place where protection from heaven was revealed.”

“There is hardly any other place on the coast around Pargawhich calls your attention as much as the abrupt cliffs of Franko Pidimaand its cape sticking out like a peak. Those cliffs seem even more imposing when you hear the numerous bleak stories about their dark past.”

The island marsh from the sea

“The eternal kiss of the sea also took bites out of the rock. Some islands rise up like wild mushrooms from the sea, their tops still resisting the storm’s waves which pour over them on some days. Only on tranquil, wind-free days can you approach them and contemplate the marine and vegetable life that thrives in their shade.”

Datos proyecto Nixe III:

In the video, despite the poor sound quality, we can see Parga a certain distance away as we reach it from the sea. To the left we can see, first, Valto beach, and then the hill topped by the citadel, the city, then the islets and, finally, the southern beyond the city.






Parga’s coastline, both to the north and south, offers some very pretty views. Towards the north we can see the monastery on the northern hill in Valto’s bay. A bit farther ahead we can see Alí Pascha’s fortress from the sea.




Next comes Ay Sostis with a magnificent pointed rock signaling the sky. Just next to it is a church built thanks to the promise made by a woman seeking protection for her son during a storm.




The Franko Pidima cliff is a bit farther along to the north. It is truly unique due to the angle formed at the top end.




Lastly, returning to Parga, we see the row of islets in front of the city.




Comparisson reports are under license of: Licencia Creative Commons

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