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“During one of his visits to the small town of Pignataro, on the Italian coast, the Archduke saw a little house with a great location and sweeping vistas, and he went to inquire about buying it. The Archduke offered the little old man who lived there double what the house was actually worth. The old man accepted right away, but when he told his children about the deal, they replied that they had hoped to build other little houses nearby so that the whole family could be together. Three months later, when the Archduke returned, the little old man begged to undo the deal for sentimental reasons. Ludwig Salvator graciously agreed. From that day on, every time the Archduke came to town, he would visit the little house and declare it a feast day for the entire family.”
Sabater, G., Mallorca en la vida del Archiduque, Associació amics de l’arxiduc, 1995.

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