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The Castro and views from above

Comparisson reports are under license of: Licencia Creative Commons

Lo que dice el Arxiduc:

Entrance into the Castro. “To the left we see a part of the southern Pargainlet; to the right above, the flag poles. In middle of the door above is an inscription which is no longer legible today. “

Main entrance into Ali Paschas Seraj. “The old entrance is now bricked up; as silent witnesses, we can still see the ancient coat of arms with the two-headed eagle. Rooks without cannons in the nearby bastion seem like the eye sockets of a skull. Wild shrubs grow above the ruins of an old church. Only the golden coloured Chrysomelas populibeetles running along the Vitex agnus-castus( Vitexor Monk’s Pepper) remind us of the old, all-powerful Pasha’s jewels. Everything else has disappeared. There’s misery instead of wealth, now, rubble where there were comfortable homes. And where once people could hear the songs of happy Pargagirls, now we only hear the grating of crows on stormy days.”

The islands views to the south from Castro. “To the right is Pavlukos; in the middle, Castro Island next to Panaya; to the left above a sandy and watery point is the Mudir’shome. Further up is the tobacco factory, the Ayos Athanasioshill, and up high, Aya Elen. Later are the cliffs along the coast, isolated within the Ayos NikolaosSea; and above we have the slopes near Phanari.”

Panaya Vlacherena monastery. “Near the fortress, surrounded by abundant vegetation, stand the still devastated bell arch and walls of the old Tursinachurch. How many times must pious prayers have sounded there, transmitting hopes for victories or thanks for having already won. Now, the cells are empty, the walls ruinous; they only return the echo of the muezzin singing his call to prayers from the nearby minaret.”

“These are the ruins of the old monastery and its tower near the old church cordoned off by the wall on the right. The pious songs of the monks were silenced long ago. Only the strident calls of the kestrels, the whistle of the reeds and, during the spring, the murmur of turtledoves coming back from the south interrupt the divine tranquillityof this place.”

Datos proyecto Nixe III:

We visited Parga’s citadel, an essential part of the city both historically and in terms of landscape. First, we can see the citadel’s entrance as well as the city of Parga from the entrance.






We mistakenly included the Archduke’s description of the entrance to Alí Pascha’s fortress here in the section dedicated to the citadel. Alí Pascha’s fortress is on the outskirts of the city. We provide a description in the section dedicated to the city’s surroundings.


After climbing up an additional fifty meters from the entrance, we reach the top of the hill and the citadel. We can see a lot of ruins but none the Archduke mentioned. Inside, we can see the traditional paving in the old streets and some cannons near the walls.




Comparisson reports are under license of: Licencia Creative Commons

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